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The Hispanic Alliance “Act 1, Act Tú” Cellphone Filmmaking Program launches April 2024. The Hispanic Alliance will create a unique, rewarding, and fulfilling filmmaking experience that will train students to direct, film, and edit their very own short films. This weekend program will run from April to June and is open to high school students in Southeastern Connecticut. No filmmaking experience is necessary, and there is no cost to participate.

To sign-up for the Hispanic Alliance’s 2024 Filmmaking Program in New London, use the form below.

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Act 1, Act Tú: Filmmaking

To ensure we have the equipment, software, and tools to bring your ideas to life, please write a summary of one to two concepts (1 to 2 paragraphs each) you wish to transform into video content with a duration ranging from 3 to 10 minutes. The proposed ideas should be adaptable to the New London locale and may encompass various genres, such as narrative fiction, documentary, music videos, or commercial productions.

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